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Complex Transactions

Interacting with the blockchain in custom ways

Blockchains allow for all kinds of transactions to be performed (such as smart contract interactions). The Complex Transactions endpoints allow for bespoke payloads to be signed using an Upvest-hosted wallet key and (optionally) broadcast to the blockchain. We offer two different options to facilitate this:

  1. Complex sign and broadcast: you send the relevant transaction parameters (i.e. function calls, variables, etc), and Upvest crafts the raw transaction, signs it, and broadcast it to the blockchain;
  2. Raw sign and broadcast: Upvest signs a pre-constructed raw transaction payload you provide and then broadcasts the signed transaction to the blockchain;

Complex Transactions

The Complex Sign and Broadcast and Raw Sign and Broadcast endpoints (currently in beta) give you complete flexibility to craft any payload you wish to have signed by a particular user's Upvest-hosted wallet. This allows you to sign arbitrary payloads for performing any action on the Ethereum blockchain, including interacting with any smart contract functionality. This signed transaction is then broadcast to the blockchain for you, and can be tracked like any other transaction via the Upvest API.


Code Examples

Code examples for the Complex Transaction endpoints are available here.

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Complex Transactions

Interacting with the blockchain in custom ways

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