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Blockchain Assets

Learn about the digital tokens that Upvest supports.

Assets are the underlying tracked digital tokens of blockchain protocols. We support native assets, such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin protocol) and Ether (Ethereum Protocol), as well as the token of sub-standards of these protocols, such as ERC20 tokens. Within the Upvest platform, each asset has a unique identifier (Asset ID), a name (e.g. Ether (mainnet)), a symbol (e.g. ETH), and an exponent (e.g. 18). Implementation-wise the Asset ID set by Upvest is the most crucial part. You’re using it when creating wallets and sending transactions, to point at a specific underlying asset.

It is important to know that assets have different ids across environments, meaning that the Asset ID of Ether, will vary between sandbox and production.
Please see the table below for sample assets across both environments:


Sandbox (testnet) Asset ID

Production (mainnet) Asset ID

Ethereum (Ether)



Ethereum (ERC-20) e.g. USDC



Bitcoin (BTC)



To retrieve a complete list of assets, simply request our /assets/ endpoint. The assets returned in the response varies depending on the environment you’re in.

To search for information about a specific asset, add the search parameter (e.g. /assets/?search=ETH). This takes a search term (such as the asset name or symbol) as a query parameter and responds with the required data.

Asset details returned by the API are structured as follows:

      “id”: “deaaa6bf-d944-57fa-8ec4-2dd45d1f5d3f”,
      “name”: “Ether (Ropsten)“,
      “symbol”: “ETH”,
      “exponent”: 18,
      “protocol”: “ethereum_ropsten”,
      “metadata”: {
        “chain_id”: 3


If you can’t find an Asset ID for the ERC-20 token you wish to use, or would like to add your own, please see this knowledge base article.

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Blockchain Assets

Learn about the digital tokens that Upvest supports.

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